The advantages that the Corner Shot® offers to a SWAT OPERATION lay in two main areas: “The Operator” and “The Operation Management.” Advantages for the Operator are those that the officer or soldier carrying the Corner Shot® experiences. These advantages are the following:

  • The Operator can engage a target located behind a corner without exposing himself. The Corner Shot® can save his life.

  • The Corner Shot® can be used as an “extension” to the user’s eye. It allows the Operator to see over high objects and under raised objects quickly and efficiently.

  • The Operator shooting accuracy increases due to the Corner Shot®’s laser guided camera aim.

  • Advantages for Operation Management are those that the Central Command experiences due to the use of the Corner Shot® being carried by the Operator. These advantages are the following:

  • Central Command receives a live video feed of what is happening at the front line. This leads to better understanding of the situation and can improve decision-making.

  • By using an additional screen the officer or soldier located behind the Corner Shot® Operator can see the same view that the Operator is seeing on the Corner Shot® screen. This enables him to better support the Operator and improves coordination. 

  • The Corner Shot®® can be set up to facilitate recording of the Operator’s screen. That means that all Target Engagements are documented. This is an effective tool to be used for legal and training purposes.